Greetings in the name of Jesus the Christ,

The east Randolph United Methodist Church is a community of believers who are excited about serving others in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ throughout all the world. It is a great time in history to be a part of God’s church in this world. People are searching for meaning, direction, purpose and hope for their lives in a world that seems chaotic and hopeless.

We, as the body of Christ in East Randolph, believe that the only hope there is for the world and all of humanity is found in Jesus Christ, our one and only Savior. As a Church we believe in the family, Christian fellowship, the power of prayer, authority of scripture, spiritual growth and the Great Commission as central to our faith. All of this being centered in and founded on a personal relationship with God’s only Son, our risen Savior, Jesus Christ.

As a church and fellowship of believers we offer ministries to youth, adults, families and senior citizens as we strive to meet the needs of our church family, community and needs around the world. Our ministries involve everyone working together to build God’s kingdom and carry out the Lord’s will. We believe all who trust in the Lord are God’s disciples and together we are the body of Christ in a fallen world.

Our doors and hearts are always open for all that seek to know Jesus Christ, and want to have a personal relationship and fellowship and fellowship with Him.

In His service,
Pastor Rodney Mileham